Caoba Asian Carribean Restaurant Arecibo

Caoba Asian Carribean Restaurant Arecibo

Caoba Asian Carribean Restaurant Arecibo is the next generation of food trucks in Puerto Rico.  As a matter of fact, it’s more of a hybrid food truck restaurant.

Food trucks have been at the heart of Puerto Rican culture since the early days.  From pinchos stands to fried empanadillas and alcapurrias, street Puerto Rican cuisine has always been a way of life.

In the past few years, the food truck boom has taken over Puerto Rico.  And instead of selling fried street food, now you can find a variety of healthy culinary creations that can challenge most brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Then come food truck spaces like Caoba in Arecibo.

In this space, #cocinacaoba uses its local products to create a sustainable and healthy menu for its community-focused on Caribbean Asian food

And I say space because Caoba is not just one food truck, but two.

caoba restaurant arecibo
Caoba Arecibo

Chef Jaime de la Cruz started with a vision and a mission for this Caoba company; to cook healthy and sustainable food to locals using local products. And to provide a cozy, fun, and entertaining atmosphere that is welcoming and enjoyable for all ages.

Like I said before, Caoba Asian Carribean Restaurant Arecibo has two food trucks: the kitchen and the cocktail bar.

The kitchen food truck was built from the ground up by Jaime.  He took an old wooden truck, customized it with stainless steel, and equipped it with every tool and equipment needed to run a delicious kitchen.  Both food trucks are surrounded by a wooden deck that overlooks a patio area with patio-style seating.

You see, Chef Jaime is not just your regular food truck chef that learned to cook to make a quick buck.

At 26 years old, Chef Jaime has over 10 years of experience working in the industry. He has worked at restaurants like Marmalade and Micheline Star Blue Hill in New York, learning the best craft. And most importantly, experience how a successful kitchen is run and what he needs to run it.

So, as I said before, Caoba is not a food truck.  Caoba is an open space restaurant fully customized to serve high-quality meals and prepare delicious cocktails with efficiency and excellent service.

Walking into Caoba, you can feel the detail and coziness of the space.  You see Jaime’s vision, and see how much he cares about his customers and wants to provide the best possible space for them to enjoy his cooking.

While the Asian-Caribbean Cuisine concept is not reasonably new in Puerto Rico, very little execute it to perfection using local ingredients and complimenting it with cocktails and entertainment.

Caoba is an “open concept” restaurant in which different events are promoted to create a sustainable community. They have created a space which local entrepreneurs can display their creativity and increase the reach of their products.

Caoba Restaurant Arecibo

Some examples of the types of events hosted by Caoba are:

  • Pop Up Dinners
  • Live music
  • Karaoke nights
  • Seasonal Catering Menu

If you are in the Arecibo area, stop by Caoba and give them a try. Below is their address and contact information:

1536 Av. Miramar, Arecibo, 00612

(787) 415-0216

[email protected]

Caoba Facebook

For more info you can click below for more information about Caoba:

Here are some of the dishes that we enjoyed on our visit.

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