The new Culinary Mecca of Puerto Rico: Calle Loiza Santurce

Calle Loiza has become the epicenter of Puerto Rican Food, coctails, and creative cuisine.  Below is a little history and quick guide down Calle Loiza.

Calle Loiza is a historic section of Santurce which was founded in the 1700’s.  Originally inhabited by carpenters, artisan, bricklayers, and metalworkers, Calle Loiza was the residential section between Ocean Park, Condado, and Vila Palmers.

In the past few years, Calle Loiza has blossomed with restaurants, bars, and boutiques.  All businesses adorn the sides of this narrow street, in which you can see full of walking locals, and tourists alike.  It is the perfect street to bar hop in the day or the night

Where to start on Calle Loiza?

A good starting point is Tresbe at lunch time.  67871830 3092856990754382 7848285459007406080 oOne of the most popular stops in Calle Loiza, Tresbe is an open air glorified food truck in the heart of this buzzing street, which has patio seating and a terrace like ambience.  Your first food recommendation from our Calle Loiza Food Guide: The Poke Bowl 1.  And trust me, you will want a coconut mojito with that!

Across the street you will see Azucena, and Sabrina, which both are a Puerto Rican creative culinary experience that you will enjoy for dinner.  A couple of locations across the street you will start to smell the incense fragrance of the Gemileo botanical store.  In This store front you will find all kinds of natural and organic items that are mostly from Puerto Rico.  Now if you walk to the back past the store, you will find this cozy speakeasy with signature cocktails. My favorite is the Gin and Tonic that is the size of a fishbowl.



Walk a few steps, and across the street you will see Bottega, and Tostado.

Bottega Cocktail
Bottega Cocktail

Tostadto has really good breakfast and brunch options, while Bottega is a wine bar with tapas and creative cuisines.

This is just a small taste of Calle Loiza.  As you can see, we havent even walked one block, and you can find find signature cocktails, lunch, dinner, brunch, and sushi.

La Calle Loiza is Puerto Rico’s hotbed or creative cuisine and bars.  You will find good day time spots, and good nightlife, and all in walking distance.

So we hope that this Calle Loiza Food Guide will help you get started on Calle Loiza.

If you enjoy the culinary options at Calle Loiza,  then you may also want to check out the up and coming Calle Cerra as well.

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