Rare 125 Mezcal-o-Ween Tasting event

Rare 125 Mezcal-o-Ween Tasting event

On Thursday, 10-28, I attended the Rare 125 Mezcal-o-Ween tasting event.  Rare 125 usually hosts a tasting event on holidays to give their customer a taste of various dishes and cocktails.

But the Mezcal-o-Ween was unique since they could perfectly pair Halloween-themed cocktails made from Mezcal with delicious dishes.

And boy do I love Mezcal.  So, you know I wasn’t going to miss this.

The tasting started with the Bloody Shrimp Gazpacho that was complemented with a refreshing Mezcal Bahnez cocktail which was a match made in heaven

The second combination was the Risotto Tinta Calamar that was so delicious I wanted to order seconds.  The variety of seafood, risotto, and squid ink created an explosion of flavors that you do not find in many places.  And to top off the risotto, the chef also included tasty morcilla. 

The second course was paired with the Oaxaca Ashes cocktail.  This cocktail is a stunner.  Not only does it contain the perfect colors for Halloween, but the combination of Mezcal, charcoal shrubs, and the sweet and spicy rim make it a drink I can have every day.

The third dish was the main course.  The Grilled Prime NY Steak was cooked to perfection.  But what stood out about this dish was the cilantro mashed potatoes. 

For the NY Steak, you need a good cocktail that brings out the taste of the dish.  And I think that they perfectly paired the Haunted Agave. This drink was basically an Old Fashioned made from Mezcal.

I love Mezcal and really love Old fashioned cocktails.  So, I was in heaven.

The fourth and final course started with a delicious chocolate cocktail made from Mezcal and contained coffee and almond milk.  I’m not a big fan of chocolate drinks, but this cocktail hit the right spot as a dessert.

The final dish was a delicious Lava Cake topped with coffee ice cream.

Over the rare 125, the Mezcal-o-ween tasting event was a delicious experience.

They found a way to take some of their most popular dishes and cocktail and re-imagine them as Halloween-themed creations.

Rare 125 Mezcal-o-Ween Tasting event
Rare 125 Steakhouse

Rare 125’s next event is a Whiskey and Steak night on December 9th.

I suggest that you do not miss this one.  Make sure to contact rare 125 at any of the below mediums to make your reservations.

These will sell out quickly.

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