Location: Metro Area Puerto Rico

Metro Area Puerto Rico
The Metro Area Puerto Rico consists of San Juan, and bordered towns like Hato rey, Carolina, Guaynabo, Rio Piedras, Santurce, Condado.

Calle Cerra Santurce

Calle Cerra San Juan Visit the historic Calle Cerra in San Juan, Puerto Rico and enjoy the murals, and art.  Also, most importantly, the delicious creative food and mixology.

Calle Loiza Santurce

Calle Loiza Puerto Rico Calle Loiza is the epicenter of up and coming restaurants and bars in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Explore the hottest restaurants and bars in San Juan.


Carolina Puerto Rico Carolina Puerto Rico is an rea just out of San Juan.  Carolina has a number of international restaurants, and it is also the location of the main airport on the island.


Condado Restaurants Puerto Rico Explore the Condado restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico. Here you will find  a variety of restaurants from all over the world.  Also, if you like to walk from restaurant, or bar to bar.  This is the perfect place!

Convention Center District

Convention Center District Distrito T-Mobile exists to revolutionize the way people connect and have fun in Puerto Rico by creating happy moments in a breathtaking place that showcases the best of our people and our culture. Puerto Rico now has a culture-centric space to get together and enjoy a happy, vibrant, and energetic time. Distrito T-Mobile…



Guaynabo Restaurants San Juan Guaynabo is a town outside of the San Juan metro area. Also, Guaynabo has a variety of delicious restaurants and bars that are unique to this area.

Hato Rey

Hato Rey Puerto Rico Hato Rey Puerto Rico is known for being the banking, and financial epicenter of Puerto Rico. There is also a number of delicious restaurants and bars in this small area.

Isla Verde

Isla Verde Restaurants Carolina A list of all Isla Verde Restaurants and food trucks in Carolina. Visit all of the creative, and Puerto Rican cuisine restaurants on the Isla Verde Strip.

La Placita

La Placita Restaurants Santurce Explore the many bars and restaurants in La Placita Santurce. Have dinner, also a cocktail, and stay out a little longer and enjoy the street party.

Lote 23 Santurce

Lote 23 Santurce San Juan Lote 23 is a Gastonomic park in the heart of Santurce, San Juan that hosts a variety of gourmet food stands.  It is safe to day that you can find any food you are looking for in Lote 23.  From Pizza to ice crem, to beer, Lote has everything you will need. Please visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Web site for more deta…

Miramar Santurce

Miramar Santurce Restaurants Miramar is historic section of Santurce, San Juan which is full of delicious and creative restaurants and bars. Also, Miramar is perfect for walking an exploring.

Ocean Park Santurce

Ocean Park Puerto Rico Walk and explore the many Ocean Park restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This small beach community has a variety of restaurants walking distance.  Also, it is a block away from Calle Loiza.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan Puerto Rico Explore the many restaurants in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. This old colonial town has the best to offer in a small town all walking distance.


Piñones Puerto Rico Piñones Puerto Rico is a beach front area just our of San Juan that has a number restaurants and bars.  It is well known for having a number of restaurants that offer traditional Puerto Rican fritters like alcapurrias, bacalaitos, and empanadillas.

Puerta De Tierra

Puerta De Tierra Puerta De Tierra is the section between Condado and Old San Juan. Also, this area has a variety of restaurants including the historic El Hamburger.

San Patricio Puerto Rico

San Patricio Puerto Rico is a local shopping center district with a variety of restaurants and shops.

Santurce Barrio

Santurce Barrio Puerto Rico Explore the many restaurants in Santurce Barrio Puerto Rico. This area includes the main roads, Ponce de Leon, and Fernandez Juncos.  Also, Ocean Park, Calle Loiza, Calle Cerra and la Placita are also part of Santurce!

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Robert Alvarez Food photography
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