Jota by Chef Jeremie in Isabela

Jota by Chef Jeremie in Isabela

If there were a Micheline star rating in Puerto Rico, Jota by Chef Jeremie in Isabela would be on the top of the list.

Located at the beautiful Royal Isabela Golf Club and Resort, Jota is like no other restaurant in Puerto Rico.

The first time that I visited Jota, it was a breath of fresh air… literally.  Jota is on the top of a cliff overlooking the Atlantic ocean with one of the most beautiful views you will get while eating your lunch.  When I sat down, I could relax, calm down, and enjoy the view for the first time in a while.

Jota by Chef Jeremie Isabela
Jota by Chef Jeremie Isabela

Jota is truly an escape from the busy city and side-of-the-road restaurants polluted with sound from cars. 

When you sit down at Jota in the daytime, the loudest thing you may hear is a bird.  It is genuinely refreshing.

On the weekends, Jota usually has live music that creates a romantic ambiance perfect for date nights.  Also, Jota’s wine menu is one of the best in Puerto Rico, and for dinner, wine is the ideal complement for the delicious meal you will experience.

The lighting and structure of the restaurant are as beautiful at night as in the day.

Jota by Chef Jeremie Isabela
Jota by Chef Jeremie Isabela

Royal Isabela is a resort that is created around its links golf course.  The villas are some of the most spectacular in Puerto Rico.  Each villa has a private pool and view that overlooks the ocean. “Designed as a tribute to the grand traditions of golf, Royal Isabela celebrates the natural beauty and vibrant heritage of our Puerto Rican location.”

The Farm to Table concept has gained popularity in the past few years.  And rightly so.  Puerto Rico is a very sustainable island.  You need everything to cook a delicious, fresh, and organic dish you can find in Puerto Rico. 

While most restaurants that label themselves “farm to table” purchase 70% Costco and 30% local, very few grow their products and buy their seafood and meat locally.

Royal Isabela gives Chef Jeremie the canvas to plant, grow, and care for the onsite mini-farm that supplies all the organic ingredients they need to create their delicious dishes.

Jota by Chef Jeremie in Isabela: It doesn’t get more farm-to-table than that.

Giving back to local agriculture should be at the heart of all restaurants in Puerto Rico.

Putting in the hard work and growing your produce and ingredients makes Jota one of the most delicious restaurants in Puerto Rico.

You rarely find a chef and restaurant that can truly embrace farm-to-table concepts and execute them with the consistency and creativity you will find at Jota.

Jota is open every day from 9 am – 8 pm.

They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

You can make reservations by visiting Jota’s website with this link.

Click below for more contact information.

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