Congreka Vegan Caribbean Cuisine

Congreka Vegan Caribbean Cuisine

If you are looking for somewhere new, healthy, and delicious for lunch, you should try Congreka Vegan Caribbean cuisine.

Now, I do not follow a fully vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, or any other healthy eating lifestyle, but I do love good-tasting food.

I love plant-based foods and vegan recipes, but I also love a good filet mignon or chillo frito.

The reason that I am even writing this post, is because Congreka takes vegan lifestyle eating to another level.

Chef Milly Reyes’ mission is to change the perspective that eating healthy tastes bad.  That vegan and vegetarian food does not have the flavor or does not feel satisfying.

At Congreka, Chef Milly Reyes has created a Vegan Puerto Rican menu that has as much or more taste than any other Puerto Rican restaurant you can find.

Remember, that most Puerto Rican dishes are based on grains and plantains.  The protein that is added to Caribbean cuisine can always be replaced.

Congreka is a fully Vegan restaurant, but all the dishes are traditional Puerto Rican dishes, but without meat, or they use plant-based substitutes.

Congreka’s Vegan Caribbean Cuisine

I have visited Congreka various times and have tried almost every dish on their menu.  I can confirm that eating healthy is delicious if done right.  And at Congreka, Chef Milly Reyes never misses.

The restaurant is very cozy and full of inspiring decorations, and patio lights.

I love their lunch dishes and vegan hamburgers.

But this past weekend I visited Congreka to try their breakfast menu. 

The nice thing about Congreka is that they have an all-day brunch and breakfast menu.  Everything on their menu is always available.  But we wanted to try their pancakes specifically.

I was curious about the Taco Cake dish.

Congreka has over 20 different types of pancake options. (take that IHOP).  And they’re all delicious, done at the moment, and healthy.  Each one comes with fruits and whip cream on top.

Congreka’s Vegan Caribbean Cuisine

We tried the Avena and Guineo (oatmeal and bananas) pancakes, and I ordered the taco cake.

Congreka’s Vegan Caribbean Cuisine

So, what is a taco cake?

A taco cake is 2 pancakes filled with cream cheese, fruits, nuts, and folded like tacos.

Congreka’s Vegan Caribbean Cuisine

I had no idea now to physically eat this.  And with one taco I was good.  The second one I took home. 

That’s another thing about Congreka Vegan Caribbean Cuisine dishes, they are gracious.  Milly will make sure that you leave full and satisfied each time that you visit.

The beautiful thing about Congreka is that they truly change your mind about eating healthy.

All their regular lunch dishes are taken on traditional Puerto Rican dishes but done healthily.

And if you would ask me what my favorite thing to order at Congreka is, I would have to say the Cauliflower wings.


Congreka’s Vegan Caribbean Cuisine

These crunch delicious cauliflower wings are made with a batter that tastes just like the batter used for bacalaitos in Piñones.

Trust me that you have never tasted cauliflower wings like these.

Congreka’s menu is full of delicious items like these, and the names of the dishes are very traditional and fun.

So, if you are in the mood to taste something different, and healthy, Congreka vegan Caribbean cuisine is a very good option.

And remember you do not have to be a vegan/vegetarian to enjoy deliciously healthy food if it is done with love and good intentions.

Below you can find the contact information for Congreka and how to find them.

You can also find Congreka on some food delivery services in the San Juan area.


Ave. Main3140 Urb,Bayamón, 00959


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