From Salsa Capital, to Art, to Culinary Explosion, Calle Cerra Santurce Then and Now.

From Salsa Capital, to Art, to Culinary Explosion, Calle Cerra Santurce Then and Now.
Calle Cerra Art
Calle Cerra Art

Calle Cerra Food Guide

The legendary Calle Cerra, was once one of the epicenters of Salsa music in Puerto Rico for over 30 years.  Jin us in this Calle Cerra Food Guide, as we take you to through the history and future of this up and coming area of San Juan Puerto Rico.On this street resided multiple recording studios, offices, distributors, and stores drove the salsa movement to what it is today.

As time passed, and the music industry grew to a more corporate business, the small production studios and offices eventually moved away leaving these locations empty, but full of possibilities.

Soon artists began to occupy these spaces, and not long after, art galleries began to open. As these galleries opened, so did restaurants and bars, decorated by murals on every inch of the buildings on Calle Cerra. It is easy to say that the art has never left this street, it just took a different shape.

Explore la Calle Cerra

This movement of artists,music, and restaurants, created a local rush of entrepreneurs looking for a blank canvas to express themselves with their own business.  Now instead of music, you see creative foods in places like Musa and Prole. But the first restaurant to open its doors in this artistic boom in La Calle Cerra was El AxoloteAxoloteEl Axolote serves authentic Mexican cuisine that can be paired with the best margaritas and Mezcal in San Juan.

More restaurants continue to open in this area like Graziani, and El Carey, which continue to expand culinary creativity.

And for drinks, each one of these restaurants have a creative and delicious cocktail menu that is short of art itself.  Each bar has their mixologist which can customize your drink to your liking, as well as having their unique cocktail menus.

Calle Cerra also has a number of bars that stay open past restaurant closing time. Bars like the historic Watusi, El Nie, Pa Gufiar, and Las Palmas create a nightlife that pumps life into La Calle Cerra on the weekends.  You can also visity Graziani’s rooftop bar which has a panoramic view of the San Juan ports, and it even has a pool on the roof!

So come and pass by Calle Cerra in Santurce, PR to enjoy this up and coming area of San Juan that is full of art, music and good food!

Calle Cerra Food Guide

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