Umai is Puerto Rico in a Sushi Roll   

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Umai is Puerto Rico in a Sushi Roll

It is no surprise that Umai in Suchville, Guaynabo is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Puerto Rico.  Their creative approach to the art of presentation, flavor and texture, cannot be ignored.  Every piece is like a work of art.  Carefully crafted and full of flavor and happiness.  We usually like to start our sushi meal with the safe crab salad, or the edamame.  You know, just because if they mess up the crab salad, or the edamame; you’re in the wrong place.  But at Umai, you can go crazy and experiment with anything that pops out that shouldn’t be there.  We especially love the delicious Duck Shumai.  Mind you, they are very generous.  And the four pieces they bring you can fill up space that you will want to leave for sushi.

Umai Duck Shumai

Umai Duck Shumai

Next up you will want to split the Sushi Coca.  We ordered the regular, and were more than happy with it.  It is a sushi pizza like no other you have tasted in your life!  The rice is the right amount of crunchy, and the sauce perfectly compliments the texture of the components of the whole piece.  For the main course we went with the Loiza Roll which is local crab wrapped in an alcapurria tempura mix.

This is Puerto Rico in a Sushi Roll

The taste of the jueyes wrapped in alacapurria tempura is nothing that we have tasted before.  And as you keep looking at their menu, you cant help to notice why Umai is considered one of the best sushi restaurants in Puerto Rico.  They have found a way to perfectly blend the delicate art of sushi, with the flavorful ocean and farm to table cuisine of Puerto Rico.

Umai Sushi plate

Umai Sushi plate

If you love sushi and want to blend the best of Japanese, and Caribbean cuisine into one restaurant, and for a reasonable price,  Umai is the place.

Visit their site to see their sushi art gallery and menu:

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